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RFSRX8 250 ROTAFLO NA MUFFLER 2.5″ (63mm) .. Suit Mazda Rx8

Features and Benefits;  The RFSRX8 250 muffler is a tuned length muffler, specifically designed for naturally aspirated Mazda Rx8.  Dyno tested thoroughly to enable your engine to produce the most power it can.  Dyno testing revealed there is an optimum length exhaust system for Mazda Rx8.  Our muffler has been designed with this in mind and takes advantage of the increase in power.  Other muffler systems that feature a Y piece into 2 separate mufflers would not have the optimum pulse length advantage.  Buy one of these mufflers for your Mazda Rx8 and get the “Edge”.
The sound this muffler gives you has been well received by all who have purchased one.  This muffler will put some of the “rotary sound” back into car.  The noise level marginally increases over the stock muffler, and if more “rotary sound” is required, then by simple making the tail pipes larger in diameter, the exhaust noise level will increases.


Application Notes;
Mufflers currently come with 2 x 2 bolt flanges and gasket.
Tailpipes made of 2″ are recommended for the quietest noise level for maximum power.  Using 2.25″ and 2.5″ tailpipes increase the sound level, 2.5″ being the loudest variation.
Installation kits with muffler hangers installed, adjustable bolt on tail pipe, optional cat back joiner pipe and tips kits  are currently being developed, and are expected to be available early 2014.

Best tips to use currently are either LP124 or Z603, see “Tips” section

Fitting Notes;

Shipping Details;
Weight – 7.5 kg + packaging
Dimensions – 42cm x 22cm x 25cm + packing
Freight – APD local Adelaide delivery, TNT Road Express anywhere in Australia, TNT International Worldwide or your nominated freight company.

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